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DataDear API

How does it work?

The DataDear API is an engine which can power your application. Designed to provide a supporting structure for developers to easily connect their application to Xero and / or QuickBooks Online. This is also used by the DataDear devs to power the Excel toolbar.

Authenticate <-> Request Endpoint <-> Receive JSON

Why use the DataDear API?

Safe & Easy to Connect

Connecting to the DataDear API is easier - uses your DataDear credentials and a JSON web token (JWT) - no need to fill in any complex forms to get started!

Multiple Data Sources

Connect to a single API and get data from different data sources (currently Xero and QuickBooks Online) - no need to connect to multiple APIs - let us do the hard work!.

Access DataDear Reports

DataDear has invested time to create a series of unique reports (such as multiple period) which provide formatted reports - better than getting raw data from Xero or QBO.

Sample Application

Whatever your preferred language / kit - we will provide a sample application (github coming soon) to assist you start off your project. And we are there to support you!

Formatted Data - Tables

DataDear sends data as an object in JSON format - similar to how you see it in Excel - in tabular format ready for this to be dissected and processed.

Custom Endpoints

Need a custom endpoint which connects a few tables together? Let our server handle this - send us your requirements and we will evaluate adding this to the API.

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