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Why DataDear?

DataDear started off from the concept that the Microsoft Excel spreadsheet has been around for almost two decades and is very likely to stay! Xero is the leader in online accounting so why not provide accountants the beauty of both tools! 2-way integrations to other cloud-based software make DataDear an even better tool.

The Excel Add-In project kicked off in 2014 and was listed as a Xero Add-on in Q1 2015 and later in the Intuit App Store. We have been steadily releasing new features and improvements every quarter and there is still an ambitious roadmap for the next few years. DataDear is packed with interesting and unique features yet we want DataDear to become an indispensable tool for accountants in practice and business owners across multiple accounting software... and beyond 🙂

Company Details

DataDear Ltd is registered company based in the Digital Hub in Malta with offices in Malta and in the UK. The team loves finance and technology and strive to keep innovating and finding better ways how they can help accountants and finance professionals.

DataDear is an Excel add-In which creates a 2-way live feed between data sources such as Xero and QuickBooks Accounting Software and the Excel spreadsheet. It is powered by a powerful API engine and SaaS platform built and maintained by the team.

DataDear is a trademark operated by DataDear Limited.

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Photo: Jenny Tabone