Photo of Have you checked out DataDear’s new Community?

Have you checked out DataDear’s new Community?

Over the last few years, DataDear has established itself as a leader when it comes to Excel integration with cloud-based accounting software. We are aware that hundreds of users took the leap and ‘went cloud’ once they discovered DataDear. The reality is that those who preach that Excel is dying are underestimating the market. We do believe that Excel needs to be used responsibly for processing of data – in and out of an accounting software.

DataDear keeps growing month on month and this is very rewarding for the team – we thrive to continue providing more functionality to ensure more accountants and small businesses move to the cloud and still benefit from having their data on their local computers / Excel.

Can you paint a Mona Lisa?

An area where perhaps DataDear cannot help is when it comes to the actual use of Excel functionality. We can all resonate to this – giving me a paintbrush and paint is not enough to do a Mona Lisa! How many of us can build sophisticated reports in Excel? Or convert these into creative visuals – using Power BI?

We are happy providing sample reports which users can use as a starting point (and feedback on these has been encouraging). Understandably, this is not enough as plenty of advanced Excel-based queries or the need to build a custom report / model are very specific and require a deep knowledge of the operations of the client.

There are also a handful of certified DataDear Experts who understand both the accounting software and DataDear and can help with such queries.

Community Forums

Late last year, the idea of creating a space for users and Experts to interact and to help each other was explored. Perhaps it’s in our Mediterranean culture – the willingness to help is deeply integrated within our values. We wanted to build a concept where users can very easily interact irrespective if they are on a train, having breakfast or sitting on their desk.

We decided to give this a go! After months of preparation, the Community Forums were successfully launched a few weeks ago with a few selected users. Now it’s finally time to unveil this space to all international DataDear users.

If you haven’t yet visited the community forums, I suggest you head over to the area – and feel free to ask any questions or see if you can help a fellow Xero or QuickBooks user.  This site can be accessed on any device connected to the internet.

Whatever questions you have, throw them to the community – the forums are also monitored by the DataDear support team who will gladly help out but nothing beats an answer from someone who might have already experienced and solved the same issue you are experiencing.

See you on the Community Forum and feel free to leave any feedback or comments in the section below!