DataDear is a wonderful Excel Add-In designed for

DataDear takes the Xero Accounting experience to the next level by allowing you to report in Excel with a direct feed from Xero (Intuit Quickbooks coming this September)

DataDear magically creates multi-period reports for your group of organisations or franchises.



Connect your Xero organisations to DataDear.

  • Authorise through Xero
  • Unlimited organisations
  • Assign rights to staff



Select the organisations & create a reporting group.

  • Create the group in 2 clicks
  • Multiple groups allowed
  • Multi-currency supported



In Excel, select the group & generate reports.

  • Multi-period reports
  • Parameters window
  • Use tracking categories

Some of the unique features when consolidating group of organisations or franchises.

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    Consolidated Trial Balance

    Choose between consolidated aggregate data or unconsolidated data in the same sheet.

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    Other Consolidated Reports

    Choose between the Trial Balance, Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss reports.

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    Compare Across Different Periods

    Choose a date, the number of comparative periods and the reporting period.

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    Parameters Window

    Choose from a number of parameters which can help you filter the reports to your needs.

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    Tracking Categories

    Filter with multiple tracking categories and up to 2 tracking options used across the group.

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    Design your reports

    Reports are generated in Excel – design your management reports easily using native Excel functionality.

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    Multi-currency Consolidations

    Choose a group base currency and reports are converted to this base currency, according to a live exchange rate feed.

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    Add More Organisations

    Easily add other organisations to your existing reporting group and update your reporting with a refresh.

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    Integrate with your Reporting Pack

    Integrate the Consolidated reports with your Excel-based reporting pack for a direct feed with Xero.

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    Ideal for Franchises

    Join the thousands of groups and franchises who are already using DataDear for their consolidations.

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